Last Year A Simple Thread had a very successful sleeping bag distribution. We didn’t change the world, but we changed one person’s little part of it. From A Simple Thread’s Web-site:

“A Simple Thread does not attempt to end homelessness in Houston. We do not find jobs or houses for people who are homeless. Most of all, we do not care why or how they became homeless. We are not offering a thick rope as a lifeline. We are offering a Simple Thread. We put together small kits — simple threads — to make life easier for people who are homeless in Houston. They do not have to fill out a form, give out information, ask for a hand-out, or even say a word. We just give them the kits as a small way to help — literally from our hands to theirs. A simple connection. A simple thread.”

If you can help, every $15 donation buys one bag. Chandler McNulty LLP and the Volunteers at A Simple Thread will hand deliver your good deed to someone who desperately needs it. If you can help this season, please send your donation to our office, or go directly to and buy this bag(s) yourself:

You can have it shipped directly to our office and we will take it from there. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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