Asbestos & Mesothelioma

We are dedicated to helping victims of mesothelioma and asbestos exposure pursue compensation and justice.

Dangerous Drugs

We hold pharmaceutical companies accountable when their products cause illness or injury.

Wrongful Death

Nothing can erase the pain and loss you feel, but we can help you fight for justice.

Serious Injuries

When carelessness or recklessness results in injury, we take action against the responsible party.

Inadequate Security/ Premises Liability

When property dangers cause unsuspecting individuals to suffer harm, we can help.

Contract Disputes

We help clients take action when other parties fail to honor the terms of an existing contract.

Welcome to Chandler McNulty

Chandler McNulty is a firm dedicated to personal service and superior results. Troy Chandler and Devin McNulty have tried cases all over the United States and taken on some of the most powerful corporations in the country. Their track record of hard fought victories have earned Troy and Devin a national reputation for going the extra mile and never giving up.

Troy and Devin help families during the most difficult times in their lives. Whether you have lost a loved one or have suffered devastating injuries because a corporation chose profits over safety, Troy and Devin will not quit until you have the accountability you deserve.

Injuries are not the only life-changing events that Chandler McNulty clients face. When you face losing everything you have worked so hard for your entire life because an unscrupulous business feels they are above the law, Chandler McNulty will hold them to account. Troy and Devin know what it means to have everything on the line. These lawyers handle their clients’ cases as if they were their own. It’s not just business, it’s personal for them.

Troy’s verdicts and settlements have helped countless families find the security they need at a time when they have never needed it more.This former Marine, father, and dedicated husband is most proud that his clients contact him years after their case is resolved just to stay in touch. “My clients become my family. When I was in the Marine Corps I learned that our true friends are those with whom we have suffer, cry or sweat. My clients and I forge that same bond and I am so proud that they consider me their friend, not just their lawyer.” To learn more about Troy, click here.

Devin McNulty

In Devin’s legal career he has been a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a visiting law professor in a foreign country, a judge, and has been in private practice in two states. To learn more about Devin, click here.