Failure To Screen Employees Lawyers

When employers interview job candidates, they are looking for people whose skills meet the companies’ needs. However, once the right candidates are found, many employers fail to complete a thorough background check on their new hires. Businesses send repair workers and inspectors into people’s homes without checking whether those individuals have criminal backgrounds. As a result, dangerous criminals are invited into people’s homes.

Whether you had a washing machine that needed repair or bad plumbing in your kitchen sink, your mind was on the task that needed fixing. You shouldn’t need to fear for your safety in your own home. Unfortunately, negligent employers take the right away from individuals when they send criminals into people’s homes.

At Chandler McNulty LLP, we represent individuals in Houston and throughout Texas who were raped or assaulted when employees with criminal backgrounds were allowed into their home or workplace.

An Exhaustive Investigation Of The Situation

When people contact our lawyers to share their stories, one of our top priorities is uncovering every piece of evidence related to your case. We have a reputation for always going the extra mile, and we aren’t satisfied until we know that we’ve uncovered everything.

We talk to other customers and hire private investigators to determine if other people were victimized the same way as you. In many premises liability cases, we identify other individuals who suffered in situations similar to yours. Armed with the information we find, we fight back against corporations that decide that keeping the public safe is too expensive.

We will make sure your story is heard, and we will work hard to prevent other people from suffering the same way you did. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the stability and security our attorneys work to provide individuals in Harris County and throughout Texas. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling (713) 997-8310.

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