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Who Can Be Liable for a Truck Accident?

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Liability for Truck Accidents

Liability for an 18-wheeler crash will lie with those at fault for causing the accident. In some cases, multiple parties – possibly including some not present when the collision occurred – can be at fault for a single trucking accident.

The Houston lawyers at Chandler McNulty, LLP are highly skilled at determining the causes of and liability for truck wrecks. Nationally renowned for our diligence and record of success, we are ready to aggressively represent you while fighting to bring your truck accident case to the best possible outcome. We will not quit until you secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

Find Out Who May Be Liable for Your Truck Accident 

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You can count on our Houston attorneys to hold all negligent parties accountable so you are able to obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve for your suffering, injuries and losses. Although compensation cannot reverse the devastation caused by a severe wreck, it can help you pick up the pieces and focus on rebuilding your life.

Truck Driver Liability

Truckers can be liable when their mistakes, misbehaviors or illegal actions contribute to accidents. Some examples of negligent actions that result in trucker liability for wrecks include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs – The legal limit for motorists with commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs) is 0.04 (which is half of the limit for motorists with noncommercial licenses). Please note that this limit applies to CDL holders regardless of whether they are on-duty or operating a commercial vehicle.
  • Drowsy driving – When fatigue results from alcohol or drug use or failures to comply with hours-of-service (HOS) rules, drowsy truckers can be liable for the resulting wrecks.
  • Distracted driving – Distractions, which can be as debilitating and dangerous as alcohol or drug use, can impair truckers’ abilities to safely operate vehicles and properly respond to the always-changing traffic conditions. When truckers let distractions consume their attention, they can be liable for crashes caused by their failures to pay attention to the road.
  • Failing to comply with traffic laws and/or trucking regulations – Truck drivers must abide by all traffic laws, as well as state and federal trucking regulations. Any violations of these laws that contribute to crashes will usually give rise to trucker liability.

Motor Carrier Liability

Motor carriers can also be responsible for compensating truck accident victims when negligence like (but not limited to) the following was involved in an 18-wheeler wreck:

  • Putting unqualified or dangerous truckers on the road – This can result from trucking companies failing to screen drivers when hiring them, failing to provide the necessary training (initial and ongoing) and failing to conduct alcohol or drug testing (random testing, as well as testing after certain incidents).
  • Putting unsafe trucks on the road – This can occur when companies fail to inspect, maintain and/or repair trucks (per federal law). This can also stem from overloading trucks and failing to ensure loads are properly secure.
  • Creating incentives for truckers to violate the law – Motor carriers can also be liable for wrecks when their policies or schedules encourage trucker negligence and/or increase the risk of accidents. A common example of this is when trucking companies hinge bonuses on meeting unrealistic schedules (which can motivate drivers to cut corners and violate the law).

Other Parties Potentially Liable for 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Along with truck drivers and trucking companies, other parties can be negligent and, in doing so, play a role in causing accidents. Examples of these other parties include (and are not necessarily exclusive to) negligent:

  • Passenger vehicle drivers who, for instance, drive while impaired or fail to abide by traffic laws
  • Vehicle makers and/or equipment manufacturers when they put dangerous vehicles on the road or faulty equipment on commercial trucks
  • Repair shops and/or technicians when they fail to properly fix damaged, worn down or recalled equipment
  • Shippers or brokers when they hire truckers or trucking companies that have a history of causing accidents and/or violating traffic laws or federal trucking regulations.

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